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A leading supply and service to its people since last 2 decades. More than a company it’s a Family with the view to serve the people with the best Products and Services. As being a family we understand how important it is to keep our family happy, Out team has played a very important role in the development of humanity and standard of life. We promise to provide you with the best quality and services. 

We pride ourselves, and place a strong emphasis on our excellent customer service. If you have any inquiries or requirements please call us or drop us an email. We ensure our phone, counter and onsite service is efficient and prompt, and that we meet your expectations. 

 We supply genuine products to retail, trade, wholesale and Projects. We have a large customer base which enables us to carry thousands of line items to reduce waiting times. We carry a huge range of products in store, so we are bound to meet your requirements. On top of this, our great relationship with our suppliers enables us to order and supply non-stock items promptly.

In line with our corporate statement “A Quality Family” it is our aim to continue to provide our clients with the best in cutting edge solutions. Vision We will continue to grow as a top class specialized Lighting technology trading and manufacturing company that provides “Top Class Products “ incorporating “the most innovative” technology expertise and information, with excellent coordination skills and Global support system. The company provides comprehensive product range covering multiple products categories to a wide spectrum of end users including home users professional, businessmen and amateurs.

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Customer Satisfaction

We work on customer satisfactions terms.


Ozone Friendly

We are providing in 100% environment friendly Products.


Quality Products

We always believe in providing quality products



We offer long term warranty on all lighting products